Starting with the JULY (NOT JUNE) session, the RST VE Team is moving back to the Hardesty Center. Everything else about our exams stays the same.

The new address in JULY (NOT JUNE) will be:

   Hardesty Mid-Town Police Building
   1100 S Alvernon
   Tucson, AZ 85711

RST/CRC Joint Venture for 2016 ARRL Field Day

2016 ARRL Field Day is the weekend from Saturday 25-June to Sunday 26-June.

The Radio Society of Tucson (RST) and the Catalina Radio Club (CRC) are organizing NOW for our Field Day Activities!! If you want to be a part of this Field Day effort, contact Kristyn KR1SS (kristynweed (at) gmail dot com).

As details become available, they will be posted on the RST Field Day Page. So be sure to check the page on a regular basis in order to stay informed.

Radio Society of Tucson (K7RST)

The Radio Society of Tucson (RST) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that focuses on “Communications For All” by actively supporting a variety of Amateur Radio activities which are of interest by its members.

Club members support many Public Service Events, Emergency Communications, and VE License Testing. The club regularly participates in the annual ARRL Field Day Event. In addition, RST is the only club in Tucson and Southern Arizona to actively and uniquely support Special Interest Groups that include Radio Direction Finding and Radio Contesting.

RST is the only club in Tucson and Southern Arizona that offers two full stacks of D-Star Repeaters that supplement the area's rather robust vhf/uhf analog repeater systems with a full compliment of digital repeater infrastructure.

Anyone interested in Amateur Radio, licensed or not, is welcome to attend our monthly meetings and participate in our many events throughout the year.