Obtain your Amateur Radio license through the RST VE Licensing Team

RST sponsors a very active Volunteer Examiner Team (VE Team) via the Laurel VEC. The VE Team administers a license exam session on the second (2nd) Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. The Exam session location is listed below.

RST and Laurel VEC Cooperation

RST and the Laurel VEC have teamed together to bring to Tucson the first "FEE FREE" Amateur Radio Testing Service in Arizona. RST has been offering LARC VEC free exams and fast licensing service since 2012.

Examination Calendar

Date Time Location

Examination Location

VE Licensing Team

Laurel VEC Team
Position Member Contact
Laurel VE Liaison Diane Zimmerman (AA3OF) [email protected]
Member VE's Bruce Betterly (WA1BZQ )  
  Mike Boger (W7IJ)  
  Chris Buchanan (N7JND)  
  Rick Comins (W1GHF)  
  Don Ernle (KD7UIZ)  
  D. Evens (AG7RE)  
  Fred Ferguson(WW6F)  
  Gary Grindle (N7GSG)  
  John Henderson (AG7GS)  
  Dick Jones (W0PZD)  
  Jay Melnick (KB0TS)  
  Dave Paszkiet (AG7JG)  
  Rosie Paszkiet (KG7QWR)  
  Michael Perrett (K7HIL)  
  Gail Peterson (N7BXXa>)  
  Doug Shough (KG7RWK)  
  Charisa Wilson (KI7GXL)  
  William Wilson (AE7YQ)  

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